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Perfect in Ten - Dance Bedava indir Free Download


Perfect in Ten - Dance
English | Avi | 00:59:54 | 640x480 | 29.97fps | 877Kbps | Mp3 127Kbps 44100Hz | 436Mb
Genre: Video Training

I bought this dvd based on the previous review. I have to say at the start that if you are not a dancer, are not coordinated or rhythmically challenged, do not buy this dvd. You will be lost, lost, lost. As the previous reviewer said, this dvd is made for people who have been dancing for awhile and want to stay in dancing shape. That said here are some more specifics.

Setting: Blue screen background in a sound stage with image reflected behind the dancer. Production is a little on the cheap side to me.

Dancer: Just the teacher in voice over as there a music only option. She is a mature woman of a certain age, however in great dancers shape.

Music: Latin jazz with cuban percussion underneath the instrumentation. Here's the rub. If you can't fluidly follow musical accents and need a strong beat to dance to, you will be lost. Some of the movement is very fluid other movement is percussive.

Choreography: In 4 sections. You can go the dance world ny web site to see a video clip. I won't go into a whole lot of detail on this. I will say that it is fast and assumes that you have a good dance vocabulary. Non dancers will be lost. Also the stretch and release section can be harmful to your knees, beware! The segments weren't put together with continuity. Some segments just end with her still dancing and the next segment appears. Therefore you may have to put the dvd on pause so you can get into position. The dvd could have used much better editing on this. I was expecting it to flow like a class. It doesn't it is 4 separate segments. The bonus abs section is abs belly dance movements. Having never taken belly dance classes before, I may have to pass on that segment.

Overall: Well this dvd will take a little bit getting used to. I think you can get the most out of it once you learn the routines and you can do it with the music only option. Again I recommend it only for dancers or dancers at heart.



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